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Difusão Celular - Cell Broadcast - Live Screen - Cell Info

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Postado 18 Março 2008 - 02:05

Na América:

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Postado 19 Março 2008 - 00:14

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Why do I see suburb/town names on my phone?

This is Cell Broadcast - a free service which allows information to be sent from a base station to all mobile phones that are located within the range of that base station. The information displayed on your Airtel Mobile handset is usually the name of the suburb you are in or a well-known landmark in the area, but look out for changes in the Cell Broadcast when you go to special events.


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Postado 21 Março 2008 - 23:11

Eurotel Cell broadcast brings free geographical information

Now all Eurotel customers can easily and free of charge find out where they are at the moment

Prague, November 13, 2001 - All Eurotel Praha customers can use geographical information on their mobile phones displays - Eurotel Cell Broadcast.

If a customer using Eurotel network arrives in one of more than 90 places in CR, easily and for free finds out where he or she is at that very moment. Their mobile phone display will show, thanks to the Eurotel Cell Broadcast, the name of the city or town visited. Prague's MHD passengers will get also information on the mobile phone display about the metro station and the line in 51 stations.

"Our customers could have tried a pilot project of our Eurotel Cell Broadcast during this year's Invex, when during traveling on the D1 freeway they could see an Invex notice and directly at the Brno exhibition grounds an invitation to our exhibition stand," says Paul Long, Eurotel Strategy and Development Director. "New geographical information will be appreciated mainly by foreign visitors using our network in roaming, and all local Eurotel customers during their travels around CR. The main benefit of the new service is its simplicity and that it is free," he adds.

Every customer can easily activate and deactivate the Eurotel Cell Broadcast by a simple adjustment of a mobile phone menu. Information pictured directly on a mobile phone display is sent by base stations and can differ in individual cells. Whenever the mobile phone checks in a new cell during a travel, the customer will get notified on the display, where s/he is right at that moment.

Because of the high concentration of base stations and cell overlapping in large cities like Prague, Brno or Ostrava, mainly local geographical names, for example Prague Castle, will be used as the information about location. In this way customers will get more correct information about their location and it will also prevent inaccuracies that could arise for example in naming of local city districts.

"Thanks to the extensive network of the so called indoor coverage inside buildings we will in the future also offers information and special greetings in hotels, large companies or shopping centers," closes Paul Long.

Eurotel Praha, spol. s r. o., is the largest provider of wireless voice and data services in the Czech Republic; it exceeded the number of 2,859,185 customers in the end of September 2001. Eurotel GSM (900/1800 MHz) and T!P (450 MHz) mobile telephone networks cover 99 percent of the inhabited area in the Czech Republic with over 10 million people.

Eurotel offers, besides its tariff services, prepaid cards called Go. Juice brand combines new interactive services and WAP services support. Recently, it has launched several advanced interactive services (localisation services, interactive games). As the only mobile operator in the Czech Republic it provides both most advanced technologies for mobile data transmissions - General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD), which are also applied to prepaid Go services. The customers appreciate above all the quality and range of services, high capacity of Eurotel company network, clear sound of SuperSound technology calls, and the widest roaming coverage with 236 operators in 103 countries worldwide.

The issue of ISO 9001:2000 certificate that is in accordance with the international quality standard also illustrates the quality of Eurotel services. Independent parties have thus confirmed that Eurotel has developed a management system, which ensures quality as well as stable and consistent provision of services to its customers.

Eurotel Praha spol. s r.o. is a joint venture company of ČESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. (51%) and Atlantic West B.V. (49%). Atlantic West B.V. is equally owned by Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ) and AT&T Wireless Services (NYSE: AWE).


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Postado 21 Março 2008 - 23:18

Eurotel Mobiles Facilitate Location-Based Advertising

Companies can now use Eurotel Cell Info service to place messages on mobile phone screens

, May 22, 2002 – On June 1, 2002, the new Eurotel Cell Info service goes into commercial operation. The service allows Eurotel MA corporate customers to display 20-character messages on mobile phones that enter designated areas (cells) of the Eurotel network. The messages are displayed immediately on mobile screens, and thus require no button-pushing or extra steps from phone users.

, ensuring that each message is relevant to the immediate area. ”This service is ideal for chain stores and for companies with internal GSM coverage," said Lena Minich, executive director of products and services. "Companies send messages inside their commercial or retail area, informing customers about products and specials at the place of sale.”

, city districts, regional information, metro and train stations, and the location of Eurotel shops. For individual mobile users, taking advantage of this service is simply a matter of activating the service via their mobile phone menu. (The small number of non-dual mobiles currently in operation are not compatible with Eurotel Cell Info, as the service relies on the 1800 MHz frequency.)

, Eurotel Cell Info prices are determined by the number of cells employed and the duration of time messages are broadcast. Companies can take advantage of free trial periods in their vicinities.

”Eurotel Cell Info service introduces an innovative and useful form of communication," said Minich. "Companies can now broadcast useful, well-placed information directly to customers' mobile phones.”

Eurotel Praha, spol. s r.o. is the largest provider of wireless voice and data services in the Czech Republic. In March 2002, the company exceeded 3.4 million customers. Eurotel's GSM (900/1800 MHz) and T!P (450 MHz) networks cover 99 percent of the Czech Republic's more than 10 million residents.

In addition to regular postpaid tariff services, Eurotel offers prepaid cards under the Go brand, while the Juice brand covers interactive and WAP services. Eurotel is the only mobile operator in the Czech Republic to offer two cutting-edge technologies for mobile (wireless) data transfer. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data (HSCSD) are available to both postpaid and prepaid customers. Eurotel’s high quality services include SuperSound technology, which ensures clean voice connections, and 251 roaming partners in 111 countries worldwide.

Eurotel has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate based on international standards of quality. Independent auditors have confirmed that Eurotel has built an operational system that guarantees quality, stability, and consistent service.

Eurotel Praha, spol. s r.o. is a limited liability company owned by Český Telecom, a.s. (51%) and Atlantic West B.V. (49%). Atlantic West B.V. is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) and AT&T Wireless Services (NYSE: AWE).


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Postado 24 Março 2008 - 01:41

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Commercial Server

1. Events- On the roads leading to the place of the event information can be broadcast with directions to follow to parking areas.

2. The nearest- Especially visitors to a city may need to know where the nearest on-duty pharmacist is, the nearest car-park with free space, the telephone number of the nearest hospital, the nearest all-hours petrol station or the nearest hotel, or hostel.

3. Advertising- Cell Broadcast is well suited for advertising. However, it must be kept in mind that there must be a balance between advertising and
'useful' information, otherwise the Handset User may turn off the channel.
'Useful' information is information that the Handset User can use immediately like discounts for products being advertised or weather information, stock-exchange rates, etc.

4. Goal Service- In Turkey very popular is the goal service where (intermediate) scores of the four main football clubs are broadcast during games.

5. Airport Gate Service- Cell Broadcast can be used in airports to inform travellers when a gate opens for departure and of possible delay of flights.

6. Tourist Information- Tourist that visit an area may be interested in information on tourist routes, historic information on buildings, the nearest...
beach information, like water temperature, sea conditions and beach events;
ski information, like snow conditions, closed slopes, last ski lift, and next ski bus to village.

7. Operator Information- The network operator can use Cell Broadcast to announce tariff changes, advertise for products and services, perhaps in exchange for free logos or ring tones to keep the Handset User interested in the channel.

8. Islamic Information- Cell Broadcast can be used in the Islamic world to broadcast the times of sunrise and sunset during Ramadan, and daily the times of prayer.

9. GSM-Rail- Although Cell Broadcast is not included in the definition of GSM-Rail, Cell Broadcast can be used to inform the traveller of reasons for delays, and inform the train drivers of local rail conditions, or of work that is being carried out on the track.

10. Auctions- Mobile auctions can start with a Cell Broadcast message. Users can enter their bids through SMS, or IVR and the end of the auction can again be announced with a broadcast message.

11. Chat Service- Mobile chat services nowadays are based on SMS traffic. Through Cell Broadcast however, the chat can be made local. Someone sends a premium SMS to start a chat and this announcement is broadcast to all Handset Users that are interested in chatting. During the chat session information on how many chatters are actively involved, and who just joined the chat can be broadcast regularly, making chatting more attractive. Especially dating services may profit from the fact that the service is local.

12. M-Marketing- A Mobile Marketing campaign is an activity where a company needs access to a large group who are willing to cooperate in a survey. The group of Handset Users is already large (hundreds of thousand to many millions of subscribers), and is still growing. These Handset Users might be willing when given the right incentive. Cell Broadcast can be used to trigger responses. Responses given through SMS or IVR are used to build a database with valuable marketing information.

13. Mobile Games- Mobile Games have become popular in the Stockholm area. Cell Broadcast could be used to announce the start of a new game. At the end the winner can be announced with a broadcast message.

14. Stock Exchange Rates- A SIM Toolkit application can be downloaded into a handset through OTA. The subscriber pays for the reception of the application. Stock Exchange rates are broadcast in compressed binary format and sent to the STK application, rather than the display. The information is decompressed and deciphered and displayed on the screen.

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About the cell broadcast service

The cell broadcast service is a service based on network that broadcasts short messages to mobile phones within a specific area using customized channel and frequency.

Cell Broadcast Technology Introduction-Technical Features

1. phone reception: Almost all mobile phones will be capable of receiving cell broadcast information.
2. Based on location: broadcasting short messages to specific areas.
3. Wide coverage: broadcasting short messages to coverage from a cell to the whole area
High Speed: broadcasting short messages within seconds.
4. Low cost: employing current telecommunication network and terminals.
5. Low resource consumption: fully using current network without the need for additional bandwidth.
6. Multi-Channels: broadcasting different types of short messages in different channels.
7. Selectable receiving: allowing users to choose to accept or refuse short messages of specific channels.
8. Standardization: in accordance with international standards for telecommunications.

ⓘMobile® CBC, 3GPP standard based, supports nearly all streamline network equipement.

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ⓘMobile®CBC V5.0 was
released on Dec, 28, 2007.
New features include:

1. 3G Support;

2. Full Operating&Matainance Support;
3. Higher performance and reliability.


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Postado 25 Março 2008 - 23:01

Oficialmente o serviço funcionou durante o Europeu de 2000 e na ExpoTelecom 2000.

A Optimus lançou o serviço de difusão celular passando a disponibilizar um conjunto de informações sobre o Euro 2000, que permitia acompanhar, através do telemóvel, o desenrolar do campeonato de futebol.

Este serviço permitiu seguir a evolução dos jogos em tempo real, através de uma permanente actualização dos resultados. A informação disponível também se estendia à classificação das diversas equipas, incluindo pontuação, número de jogos realizados, empates, vitórias, derrotas e golos marcados e sofridos, para além das principais notícias relativas à selecção nacional.

Testes Realizados com um Nokia 5210 e Nokia 6630

Não há emissão, B=0 (Netmon Nokia 5210) 900 Mhz e 1800 Mhz

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Não há emissão, CCCH (Netmon Nokia 6630) 900 Mhz e 1800 Mhz

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Postado 01 Abril 2008 - 22:28

NYC to Pilot Emergency notification on Cellphones early 08

CellCast Technologies commends New York City as the first major metropolitan area to pilot a comprehensive emergency notification system on cell phones, including cell broadcast technology.

During the city council meeting yesterday, Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler testified that New York City plans to begin a pilot program for a new emergency notification system in early 2008. The program is to include cell broadcast, a more advanced technology that is being used around the world and puts emergency information in the hands of millions via cell phones within a minute or two of an official alert.

"This emergency notification pilot program is a bold initiative that would have been very beneficial during New York City's recent steam pipe explosion, subway flooding and air toxins emitted from the Lower Manhattan fire," said Paul Klein, chief operating officer of CellCast. "In each of these situations, those nearby could have received a cell broadcast alert with directions to safety, even if wireless traffic had crashed the networks."

Cell broadcast technology instantaneously notifies cell phone users in an affected area of an emergency. It uses a feature already built into most cell phones that enables a federal, state or local emergency manager to simultaneously broadcast an emergency message with situational and procedural information to those in the affected area. Accessing cell broadcast is a simple opt-in process on each individual's cell phone handset, unlike text messaging that requires surrendering or disclosing a cell phone number.

Since cell broadcast utilizes a portion of the cellular spectrum that is minimally used in normal cell calling or texting, the emergency information is not subject to degradation or clogging as happens to voice and SMS texting transmission during a public emergency situation.

Also, cell broadcast technology is geographically specific, transmitting emergency messages to all phones within a cell phone tower transmission area. It is not dependent on the subscriber's home base. Therefore, if a cell phone user travels outside their home base area and an impending danger arises in their travel location, then they will receive a cell broadcast emergency alert to take life-saving measures.

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Postado 04 Abril 2008 - 15:41

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Imagem Postada

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Quando você não estiver usando seu celular, o Se Liga envia informações sobre o que está acontecendo no Brasil e no mundo. Você recebe notícias sobre variedades, entretenimento, economia, política e muito mais!

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O Se Liga já está disponível, gratuitamente, para todos os clientes que têm ou adquiram agora um Telemig Celular com chip de 128kb.

O Se Liga é silencioso e se manifesta com breve sinal visual. Basta que o aparelho esteja ligado. Além disso, não ocupa espaço na caixa de entrada de Torpedos SMS.

Veja, no passo-a-passo, como funciona:

Imagem Postada

O Se Liga leva para seu celular informações sobre tudo o que acontece no Brasil e no mundo, além de quizzes e enquetes que vão fazer você pensar. Você também pode receber notícias da Telemig Celular.

Imagem Postada

No lançamento do Se Liga, você não paga nada para ver notícias completas, participar das quizzes e enquetes. Aproveite!

Imagem Postada

A cobrança de tarifa só é realizada quando você quiser ver detalhes da mensagem que recebeu e clicar em Ok para acessar a próxima página.

Imagem Postada

Imagem Postada

Não. As mensagens chegam ao seu celular gratuitamente. A tarifa só começa a ser cobrada quando você escolhe alguma ou mais opções do menu de resposta. A cobrança depende do tipo de serviço que você escolher.

Imagem Postada

O Se Liga é gratuito e já está disponível para todos os clientes que têm o chip de 128kb e também para novos clientes com esse perfil. Habilite um Telemig Celular agora e já comece a usar. Com o Se Liga você recebe mensagens pela tela inicial do celular. São dicas, imagens, tons, vídeos, jogos, quizzes, enquetes, informações sobre planos e serviços da Telemig Celular e outros serviços que tornam o seu dia-a-dia mais interessante e divertido. Tudo isso chega silenciosamente e se manifesta apenas por breve sinal visual. Além disso, não ocupa espaço na caixa de entrada.

Imagem Postada

É simples: você vai a uma loja Telemig Celular e compra o novo chip. Ao usá-lo, o seu número de telefone não muda. Continua o mesmo! O novo chip traz diversas vantagens, entre elas os serviços diferenciados, como o Se Liga. Clique aqui para listar todas as lojas Telemig Celular e escolher a mais próxima de você.

Imagem Postada

Para assegurar que você não perderá seus contatos ao trocar de chip, a Telemig Celular oferece o serviço de Agenda Backup. Acesse o menu Telemig Celular do chip, selecione a opção Agenda Backup e escolha Fazer Backup.

Imagem Postada

É fácil. Acesse o menu Telemig Celular do seu celular e verifique se a opção Se Liga está listada. Se estiver, o seu chip é de 128kb.

Imagem Postada

Sim. Você pode, por exemplo, desativar um canal pelo próprio chip de 128kb. É só acessar o chip, usar a opção Se Liga e configurar da maneira que preferir.

Imagem Postada

Sim. As mensagens são enviadas das 08h00 às 23h00.

Imagem Postada

Sim. Você só precisa ser cliente Telemig Celular, possuir um chip de 128kb, estar com o celular ligado e estar localizado dentro da área de cobertura GSM/Edge da Telemig Celular.

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Pode ser utilizado por todos os clientes da Telemig Celular que tenham o chip de 128kb, com celular habilitado em qualquer um dos planos da operadora. Basta que o celular esteja ligado e não esteja sendo usado.

Imagem Postada

Não. A mensagem do Se Liga não é um Torpedo SMS. Ela chega na tela inicial do seu celular, e não na caixa de entrada de Torpedos SMS. É silenciosa: manifesta-se apenas por breve sinal visual.

Imagem Postada

Não necessariamente. As mensagens são enviadas em grupos de cinco, que ficam armazenadas no seu chip. Novas mensagens sempre chegarão à sua tela. Assim você não perde as novidades, as dicas e os outros serviços do Se Liga. E mais: ao receber uma determinada mensagem, é possível navegar por todas as cinco mensagens que chegaram e inclusive deletá-las do seu chip.

Imagem Postada

Não. O serviço não exige assinatura de contrato.

Imagem Postada

Sim, você pode desativar o serviço total ou parcialmente pelo menu do chip de128kb da Telemig Celular ou pelo 105 4. Você pode desativar o Se Liga parcialmente escolhendo as editorias das quais deseja receber mensagens.

Imagem Postada

Sim. É simples e rápido. É só acessar o menu do chip de 128kb da Telemig Celular, selecionar a opção Se Liga e ativar.

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Postado 08 Abril 2008 - 21:06

Idle Screen Advertising

Imagem Postada

Honda is one of the first global advertisers to unleash the power of the idle screen for mobile advertising. Results of its first mobile advertising campaign targeting millions of subscribers to AIS, Thailand’s largest mobile operator have been released.

Honda-sponsored interactive content messages were broadcast twice a day, directly to users’ mobile phones, and appeared on the idle mobile screen. Messages contained motorcycle safety tips and advice on how to save fuel. While these were valuable bits of information, the campaign aimed to promote the Honda brand and to raise awareness of its motorcycle range. In addition, users were encouraged to click on the interactive messages and participate in a prize draw.

The results have proven the ability of mobile phones to become a truly mass market advertising medium. Within 3 weeks, more than 3 million unique impressions - targeted at subscribers in the Bangkok area - were generated and more than 100,000 users clicked to participate in the prize draw, and receive more information from Honda. The motor company is now planning additional mobile marketing campaigns.

Mr. Somchai Lertsuthiwong, Vice President Wireless Business of Advanced Info Service Plc. commented: “mLive! powered by Celltick’s LiveScreen Media provided an immediate and interactive response platform to the advertising campaign. We are already working with additional advertisers on future mobile campaigns. The response from our subscribers has been very positive and we see mobile marketing as an important part of our future growth.”

Stephen Dunford, Celltick’s CEO, added: “Mobile marketing needs to add value to subscribers. Honda and AIS have done so in this joint mobile campaign. LiveScreen Media provides the platform to offer segmented, targeted sponsored content. The rewards are significant for both the operator and advertiser. Research indicates that marketing using the idle mobile screen is able to deliver 1,000 impressions for 5% of the cost incurred for the same number of impressions over TV, or for 25% of the cost of online impressions.”

#50 Guest_Quimera_*

Postado 08 Abril 2008 - 21:17


Popular Whisky Brand Meets Tight Deadline with LiveScreen™ Media


A well known brand of Scotch wanted to promote the distinctive Whisky blends from Scotland to young adults in Thailand in an extremely short time frame. They decided to sponsor the best party in town, introducing young adults to the unique taste. Their objective was to collect 3,000 leads, in a period of 3 days, enticing consumers to actively participate in the campaign and earn the chance of winning tickets to a terrific party.


Passive advertising campaigns were not going to be effective in reaching young adults in the 20+ age group. Customer interaction was essential. The Whisky-maker needed to meet consumers face to face, in order to get them to taste the difference!


The Brand selected mLIVE! – AIS' Mobile Marketing and Active Content Delivery medium. Powered by Celltick's LiveScreen™ Media, mLIVE! brings content teasers directly to the user’s idle-screen. The campaign included three days of advertising messages, broadcast directly to young adults, in the area of Bangkok, Thailand. The interactive teaser messages, sent six times a day to the targeted age group, promoted the Brand-sponsored party – "an exciting experience for 20-year olds". All the subscribers had to do was enter their phone numbers for a chance to win a ticket to the party. Additional information was just a click away.


The Brand's mobile marketing messages were delivered directly to the targeted handset’s idle screens. 6,440 consumers reacted and clicked through for the chance to attend the party, providing their phone numbers, and thus creating an opt-in database. LiveScreen™ Media provided fast, measurable, mass reach to millions of subscribers, while enabling narrowcasting according to location and age, pre-defined by the campaign managers.
Following the campaign's success, the well-known Scotch and other global brands aimed at the “Market Drivers” age group of young adults and are already planning their next mobile advertising campaigns with mLive!.

#51 Guest_Quimera_*

Postado 08 Abril 2008 - 21:23


Teasing is Pleasing

Clickers Double, Rich Media Sales Rise by 10%


Operators using LiveScreen™ Media were seeking to use the platform to generate more traffic to a commercial area where content and rich media are offered to subscribers at a premium rate. The objective - increase the number of "clickers" responding to headlines, and the revenue stream from clicking customers consuming related content through their services.


With a profusion of news and related mobile content available, the challenge was to entice subscribers to request the content, while ensuring it was always simple to access. Another key element that needed to be considered was limited character space for LiveScreen™ Media news teasers.


Celltick's Media Team trained its clients in the art of converting headlines taken from traditional media into mobile teasers. Creating a mobile headline teaser, takes more than just reducing the headline’s number of characters to ensure it fits the mobile screen comfortably. The new mobile teaser needed to catch the users’ curiosity, thus urging them to click through to the relevant content. One of the key factors was to include a mysterious factor in the headline – thus concocting a “teaser”. With curiosity aroused users were more likely to react to the short and catchy teasers. When prompted, all they needed to do to access the content was click.


The “teasing is pleasing” technique was implemented in AIS, Thailand's leading mobile operator and by Globe Telecom, a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines. At AIS, average clicks per message rose from 2,500 to 6,000 for messages with teasers. At Globe, the number of rich media purchases rose by 10%. Both AIS and Globe Telecom have implemented a significant increase in the number of teaser headlines in their LiveScreen™ Media powered services. Celltick's Media Teams continue to conduct workshops for leading operators around the world, training them in Celltick’s methodologies.

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Postado 13 Maio 2008 - 20:01

Change to Yebo4Less

To call more for less, you’ll need to migrate to the Yebo4Less tariff plan.

Change to Yebo4Less, by using FreeChange:

Dial 1181, free from your Vodacom Prepaid cellphone and you can change between any of the Vodacom Prepaid tariff plans once, every 30 days.

Alternatively, FreeChange is available via your MyPhone service. Dial *111# free from your Vodacom cellphone and press call on your cellphone, to access the MyPhone menu.

You will not lose any accumulated airtime credit when you move between different Prepaid tariff plans.

Once provisioned, a confirmation SMS will be sent to your cellphone, confirming you that you are now provisioned for Yebo4Less.

To be able to view the discounts on calls when your on the Yebo4Less tariff plan, ensure to:

Activate Cell Broadcast on your cellphone:
Step1: Go to ‘Settings’
Step2: Then ‘Network’
Step3: Choose ‘Cell info display ON’

Alternatively, select your cellphone make below and follow the easy instructions.

Should your cellphone make not be listed here, please refer to your cellphone user manual provided with your cellphone.


Dial *111*444# free from your Vodacom cellphone to receive the discount call rate available at a particular time in a particular area.
Now you’ll always know when to make that call and get talking for less!

How to setup Cell Broadcast on your NOKIA cellphone

Imagem Postada

How to setup Cell Broadcast on your SONY ERICSSON cellphone

Imagem Postada

How to setup Cell Broadcast on your SAMSUNG cellphone

Imagem Postada

How to setup Cell Broadcast on your MOTOROLA cellphone

Imagem Postada

#53 Guest_Quimera_*

Postado 15 Maio 2008 - 23:16

Telemig lança primeira solução de cell broadcast da América Latina

A Telemig Celular e a Amazônia Celular lançaram esta semana o primeiro serviço com a tecnologia de cell broadcast na América Latina. Trata-se de uma solução que envia mensagens escritas para os celulares a partir das estações rádio-base (ERBs), o que permite fazer uma segmentação geográfica no envio. O serviço, batizado de "Se liga", manda mensagens com notícias, enquetes, quiz e até mesmo propaganda para os celulares quando estes estão ociosos. Na maioria das vezes, a mensagem é, na verdade, um "teaser". O usuário tem sempre duas opções para clicar: uma para tirar a mensagem da tela e outra para receber mais informações sobre o assunto apresentado. A forma como a mensagem aparece na tela varia de aparelho para aparelho. No V8, da Motorola, por exemplo, aparece em apenas metade da tela. Em modelos sem flip, costuma tomar a tela inteira.

O "Se liga" passará a vir ativado em todos os SIM cards de 128 Kb da operadora, que começaram a ser vendidos esta semana. A qualquer momento, contudo, o cliente pode desativar o serviço através do SIM card ou pelo call center das operadoras. A solução, desenvolvida pela empresa CellTick, vai trabalhar com oito diferentes categorias de conteúdo, como últimas notícias, esportes e economia. O conteúdo é fornecido pelo portal Terra. O usuário pode marcar suas categorias preferidas no SIM card. Paralelamente, a própria plataforma é capaz de identificar, ao longo do tempo, as preferências de cada assinante.

O recebimento das mensagens é gratuito para o usuário. O clique em busca de mais informações também é gratuito por enquanto, mas deve passar a ser cobrado no primeiro trimestre de 2008.


Para o coordenador de marketing de serviços de valor adicionado (SVA) da Telemig Celular, Renato Virgili, o cell broadcast abre espaço para a geração de receita com publicidade. "As notícias podem ser patrocinadas e seu acesso ser gratuito para o usuário. Também pode haver o envio de publicidade direta", exemplificou. Pelo menos duas grandes marcas participam do lançamento da solução: Fiat e Unimed. A Fiat está enviado "teasers" convidando os usuários a fazer um test drive em seu novo carro, o Fiat Punto. A integradora de publicidade para as operadoras é a agência Aorta.


A tecnologia de cell broadcast é muito utilizada na Europa. Na Rússia, algumas operadoras chegam a enviar até 300 mensagens por dia. Porém, é importante ressaltar que esse tipo de mensagem é diferente de um SMS e não fica guardada na memória do telefone. Ela fica disponível na tela enquanto o celular está desligado e troca automaticamente quando a ERB envia uma nova mensagem. Ou seja: muitas das mensagens veiculadas sequer são vistas pelos assinantes. Fernando Paiva

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Postado 30 Maio 2008 - 19:44

Symbian Series 60 Client

Our main end user client has been developed for operating system "Series 60, 3rd edition".

This client enables a lot of functionality for the end user, such as

- "click-to-call"

- "activate internal og external


- "click to order"

- "click to submit form"

Windows Mobile Client

We have a fully working client for Windows Mobile, which have all the functionality as mentioned with the Symbian Client.

Java Client (JP7)

A Java Client is currently under development and will be finished in Q2 2008

A prova que dá também para JAVA e Windows Mobile.

Imagem Postada

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Postado 20 Junho 2008 - 23:29

Cell Broadcast on HTC Touch

Cell Broadcast also know as Short Message Service - Cell Broadcast (SMS-CB) is a service designed for delivery of messages to multiple users in a specified area. Unlike SMS Point to Point which is manly a one to one service Cell Broadcast is a one to many service.

Some mobile operators use Cell Broadcast for communicating the area code of the antenna cell to the mobile user (via channel 050), for nationwide or citywide alerting, weather reports, mass messaging, location based news, etc. The service might not be supported by all the operators; even some of the handsets don’t have the capability to receive Cell Broadcast messages.

One of the readers on my earlier post on HTC Touch wanted to know whether the Cell Broadcast service could be enabled on HTC. The service can be enabled easily on a Nokia or a Sony Ericsson phone and isn’t so easy to configure on HTC.

Steps to enable Cell Broadcast on HTC Touch

1 Navigate to the following screen on the device

Start -> Settings -> Phone -> More

2 Check the “Enable” box under the Broadcast Channels

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3 Click on the “Settings” to bring up the following screen

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-> Check “Receive channel list”

-> Set Language to “All Languages”

-> Create a new item with any name and channel number set to 050 or 50

4 You should immediately see the Cell Broadcast messages being displayed as message alerts.

5 Cell Broadcast messages as message alerts are annoying and if you want the same to appear on the home screen, install the BatteryStatus application. Once installed, the application has an option to display the Cell broadcast messages on the “Today” screen
You can even optionally set the alignment for the broadcast messages.

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6 Once the above setting is done, you should see the Broadcast messages on the home screen as shown below (The message is next to the battery status)

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Cell Broadcast (CB/SMS-CB) messaging is a mobile technology feature designed for simultaneous delivery of messages to multiple users in a specified area. It is part of the GSM standard, but is not yet widely used. There might be some handsets that do not support it or do not provide an elegant access to it.

Cell broadcast allows messages of up to 93 characters in a page, and a message can be of 15 pages. It doesn't uses a frequency space separate from that used to setup a call or that used in a call or data session. The CB frequency range is divided into 65000 channels. Out of these only 000 to 999 can be switched on by the terminal user.

The interesting part for me was the discovery that some mobile operators use it to broadcast cell tower location information. Some mobile operators use channel 050 to broadcast cell tower location information. The location information is mostly just a text string with the location name.

On my Nokia E61, these are the steps I go through to enable cell broadcast reception for channel 050:

1. Go to Tools->Settings->Network and make sure "Cell info display" is "On".
2. Go to Messaging. Click on left button that says Options. Select "Cell broadcast" from the pop up menu.
3. Click on left button that says Options. Select "Topic->Add manually" from the popup menu.
4. Enter "Location" or something similar that you want as the topic name.
5. Enter 50 as the topic number.
6. Select the new topic added, click on left button that says Options and select "Subscribe" from the pop up menu.

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Now you have subscribed to any location information that may be broadcast by your mobile operator on channel 050. Next time you change cells, you can go back to this folder to see the location name. You should also see the location on the top right hand of your active standby screen.

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The CHORIST project is a 3-year project (June 2006 - May 2009), funded by the European Commission, which addresses Environmental Risk Management in relation to natural hazards and industrial accidents.

CHORIST will propose solutions to increase rapidity and effectiveness of interventions following a major natural and/or industrial disaster in order to enhance citizens' safety and communications between rescue actors.

one2many is a member of CHORIST


CHORIST approach

one2many participates in sub-project SP3. CHORIST SP3 will demonstrate that Cell Broadcast (CB), DAB and DVB technologies can be used to alert citizens without creating additional panic. More particularly, CHORIST will develop and implement user interfacing, and perform trials with CB/DAB/DVB warning messaging in multiple languages, which has not yet been done anywhere in the world. CHORIST will also perform research on the feasibility of a multi country early warning Cell Broadcast system, with regions of The Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain for a flood early warning systems.

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FCC to consider use of mobile cell broadcast for emergencies

CellCast Technologies urges the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) tomorrow to fully consider a proven technology, cell broadcast, in the nationwide emergency alert system for cell phones. On Thursday, the FCC is slated to vote on a committee report that did not specify cell broadcast technology.

“In the best interest of the general public, the FCC must focus on serving the public safety with a proven technology that can be implemented nationwide immediately,” said CellCast Chief Operating Officer Paul Klein. “We should not wait until 2010 when more lives could be lost to hurricanes, tornados and other disasters or crises.”

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Public Warning Service

With Cell Broadcast it is possible to send a text message to a large number of subscribers

* in near real-time,
* with location specific information,
* including visitors from other countries,
* in their desired language,
* without suffering from network congestion.

Near real-time means that millions of citizens can be reached witin a few minutes;
Location specific information means cell-site granularity, which is a few hundred meters in a densely populated area to 30 km in a rural area;
Including visitors from other countries means that everyone who roams on a network is able to receive the warning messages;
In their desired language means that messages can be broadcast in more than one language;
Without suffering from network congestion means that in cases where the network is congested (and networks do get congested when an emergency occurs) and voice calls and SMS are no longer possible, CB will still be available.

This makes CB perfectly suitable for public warning purposes. In fact, it is the only viable solution today.

NTT Docomo in Japan offers the Area Mail Disaster Service. The technology for this service is based on an extended version of CB and is currently being standardized in 3GPP.

The US is extending the Emergency Alert System (EAS) with a Commercial Mobile Alerts Service, which shall provide a public warning service in the mobile network. In April 2008, the FCC announced that rules have been adopted for delivery of commercial mobile alerts to the public during emergencies. The full text is in the First Report and Order. The Report and Order does not prescribe which technology shall be used, but Einstein Wireless in Wisconsin demonstrates that it works with CB today.

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Area Mail Disaster Information Service

What’s Area Mail Disaster Information Service?

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Area Mail is a service that enables you to receive Earthquake Early Warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency and disaster and evacuation information issued by national and regional public institutions. Subscribers in afflicted areas receive emergency information at no monthly charge or communications charges whatsoever.

To enable the Area Mail disaster Information service, you must first configure Area Mail receive settings on your mobile phone and agree to the Notice for Area Mail.

Points of service

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Area Mail provides Earthquake Early Warnings and disaster and evacuation information.

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Subscribers can receive information simultaneously issued for afflicted areas.

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When emergency bulletins are received, a popup display and an emergency ring tone notify the subscriber.

How the Area Mail Disaster Information service works

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How to Set Area Mail

You must first configure Area Mail receive settings on your handset. To do this, please agree to the Notice and configure the settings to receive Area Mail disaster information. Application is not required.

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* noticeScreens are for illustrative purposes only, and differ depending on the handset model.


Communications charges and information charges do not apply.

Notes on Use

* The Area Mail Disaster Information service (hereafter referred to as "Area Mail") is a service that provides Earthquake Early Warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency and disaster and evacuation information issued by national and regional public institutions in emergencies such as disasters.

Those are delivered simultaneously via the DoCoMo network to mobile phones located in specific areas.

* Area Mail can only be used with Area Mail-compatible mobile phones.

* Area Mail can only be received within Japan.

* An i-mode service subscription and application to receive messages are not necessary to receive Area Mail. However, you must configure receive settings on an Area Mail-compatible mobile phone before the service can be used.

* Communications charges do not apply to receive Area Mail.

* When receiving Area Mail, a screen with information details appears automatically and is subsequently saved to the inbox.

* Area Mail can be received even when settings have been activated to block incoming mail in Reject/Receive Mail Settings.

* Area Mail cannot be received when the phone is in use such as for voice calls, i-mode and other packet communications, and other communications. Area Mail also cannot be received when the handset is located in an area with poor signal reception.

* If Area Mail has been sent but cannot be received, it will not be re-sent.

* Earthquake Early Warnings from Area Mail may not necessarily be received before you feel the tremor from the earthquake, etc.

* When manner mode is activated on a handset, the handset will not sound the Area Mail beep tone.

* When public (drive) mode is activated on a handset, you will be alerted by the display of an Area Mail icon.

* DoCoMo bears no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage attributable to Area Mail content or to receiving or not receiving Area Mail.

* You may receive Area Mail containing information related to an area other than the area where you are actually located.

About Earthquake Early Warnings

The Earthquake Early Warning system automatically calculates the fucus and magnitude of the earthquake and estimates the seismic intensity for each location by detecting the quake (the P-wave, or the preliminary tremor) near its focus. An Earthquake Early Warning is then given a matter of seconds (a few seconds to a few tens of seconds) before the arrival of strong tremors (the S-wave, or principal motion).

When an earthquake with a predicted maximum seismic intensity 5-lower or greater on the Japanese seismic intensity scale is detected, DoCoMo simultaneously delivers General Earthquake Early Warnings from the Japan Meteorological Agency to mobile phones located in regions with strong tremors (seismic intensity 4 or above). (Note that Japan is divided into approx. 200 regions.)

Cautions when receiving Earthquake Early Warnings

After seeing or hearing an Earthquake Early Warning, you have only a matter of seconds before strong tremors arrive. This means you need to act quickly to protect yourself.

Remain calm, and secure your personal safety based on your surroundings.

Earthquake Early Warning: Dos & Don'ts

At Home

* Protect your head and shelter under a table
* Don’t rush outside
* Don’t worry about turning off the gas in the kitchen

In Public Buildings

* Follow the attendant’s instructions
* Remain calm
* Don’t rush to the exit


* Look out for collapsing concrete-block walls
* Be careful of falling signs and broken glass
* Take shelter in a sturdy building if there is one close enough

Near Mountains/Cliffs

* Watch out for rockfalls and landslides

When Driving

* Don’t slow down suddenly
* Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers, then slow down smoothly
* If you are still moving when you feel the earthquake, pull safely over to the left and stop

On Buses or Trains

* Hold on tight to a strap or a handrail

In Elevators

* Stop the elevator at the nearest floor and get off immediately

About Disaster and Evacuation Information

You can receive a variety of information concerning public safety, most prevalently information related to natural disasters such as tsunamis and typhoons issued by regional public institutions nationwide.

* noticeSubscribers in an area where a regional public institution has commenced information delivery can receive such information.

* noticeThe names of regional public institutions delivering information will be posted as soon as they have been determined.

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